ul. Poznańska 15City Center, Warsaw

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UL – new bar in Poznańska Street

Foodie Z 22 September 2017

UL is a new bar opened recently in Poznańska Street, next to the restaurant Bez Tytułu, in the former venue of Cydreria. You can come here for lunch, dinner and and the night party. The menu features among others snacks to acommpany drinks or beer such as potatoes with two sauces, bread with flavoured butter or vegetable pastes,  thick soups with coconut milk and beef or tofu. We can order hear bread slices with pulled beef, smoked trout or pumpkin paste or bowls with various ingredients such as avocado baked with vegan cheese, turkey in panko or potato dumplings. This is a vegetarian and glutenfree friendly place. UL operates daily also at night, at weekends until 4:00 a.m., weekdays until 2:00 am.

UL na Poznańskiej