Hala Gwardii

pl. Żelaznej Bramy 1City Center, Warsaw

food market

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Hala Gwardii – new food hall open!

Marta Glinka 5 October 2017

New food hall Hala Gwardii – opened at the end of September in the center of Warsaw. We can have here breakfast, lunch and dinner or do some shopping at the food market or specialized shops. We can find here venues already known from other locations such as Krowarzywa, Tel Aviv Urban Food, Warburger, Deseo, Kiełba w Gębie, and also new concepts such as Melt Cheese & Wine, Madeira Ryby i Owoce Morza, Shiso Noodle Bar or San Esco bar. The offer in Hala Gwardii is diversified. We can eat here dishes from all around the world – Polish (Bar Nie Tylko Mleczny), Georgian (Chinkali Cafe), Indian (Tikka Masala), Spanish (Fiesta Siesta), Columbian (San Esco bar), Portugese (Madeira), Italian (Pizza Lunga), Brazilian (Brasil on the Plate), Asian (Shiso Noodle Bar) or from Alsace (Flamm). There are venues specialized in wegetarian and vegan cuisine (Krowarzywa, Tel Aviv Urban Food, Run Vegan Bistro). We can drink in Hala Gwardii beer or wine available in many stalls and shops.

Hala Gwardii is open from Friday till Sunday. The food market is open from 8 till 5 pm in Friday and Saturday, from 9 on Sunday. Shops and gastronomy outlets are open between 11 and 1am on Friday and Saturday, till 11pm on Sunday, breakfast area from 8 on Friday and Saturday and from 9 on Sunday.




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