ul. Bluszczańska 50Mokotów, Warszawa
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I LIKE PIZZA – new Italian place in Mokotow

Foodie F 9 October 2017

A new Italian restaurant was opened in Lower Mokotów, opposite the Wiślany Mokotow estate. It’s called I LIKE PIZZA and it serves – as the name suggests – primarily pizza. There are twelve types of pizza on the menu. Pizza della Casa is Mortadella with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian mortadella, pistachio and basil. Other than that the menu features, among others Melanzana (with eggplant), Inferno (with large chili peppers) and Cotto (with cooked ham). In addition to pizzas, the menu of I LIKE PIZZA includes pasta (Carbonara, Salsiccia), salads (Cicoria, Lamponi) and dessert of the day. Pizza is also available for home delivery.