pl. Solny 20 Wrocław
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Kwiatowa – kwiaty na talerzu we Wrocławiu

Foodie R 11 October 2017

New cafe – Kwiatowa has been recently open in Plac Solny in Wrocław. The name of the place (meaning floral) refers to its location among the stalls with flowers and the interior is full of colourful flowers. Edible flowers can be also found on the plates, served in dishes. In Kwiatowa we can order among others pancakes, omlettes, orzo with vegetables, pumpkin soup, baked tomato cream with corn, chorizo and chervil, duck with mushrooms and red wine or homemade dumplings. The speciality of the place are sharing stands – sets of starters to share which you can compose yourself. Sets include different kinds of bread which you  can pair with chosen starters.

Kwiatowa Wrocławphoto source: Kwiatowa Facebook