Melt Cheese & Wine

pl. Żelaznej Bramy 1City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 725 548 873

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Melt – raclette at Hala Gwardii

Foodie R 13 October 2017

Melt is a new place opened recently in Hala Gwardii, with menu focused on melted cheese. We can order here various cheeses – grilled, melted, baked. There are Polish cheeses such as  – Kamiennogórski and Bursztyn, French Raclette or Italian Mozarella. The menu features melts – mix of cheese with various extras such as nuts, sausages, French raclette with young potatoes, prosciutto ham, arugula and gherkins. There is also burger with Raclette cheese, Italian Mortadella, mushrooms, arugula, gherkins and sauce of your choice. In Melt you can also order wine paired with your cheese.

melt cheese and wine