Orzo People Music Nature

pl. Konstytucji 5City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 22 629 25 40


More details:

Orzo People Music Nature – relaunch of Aioli at Plac Konstytucji

Foodie R 3 October 2017

Orzo People Music Nature is a new, relaunched version of Aioli restaurant at Plac Konstytucji. Restaurant  owners rebrended the venue, changed the decor and the menu. New concept was created by ex Aioli co-owners. They plan to open more restaurants under the same branding in Warsaw and other cities. The menu Orzo features same or similar dishes which were available in Aioli such as steaks, burgers, pastas or pizzas, but also new propositions bazed on orzo pasta such as orzotto carbonara, orzo chilli shrimps salad or orzo burger. We can also order here original combinations such as Prosciutto brodo ramen (Italian soup with porchetta) refering to popular ramen or pizza with carpaccio.

Orzo plac Konstytucji