Kura Buffalo Wings

ul. Nowolipki 15City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 660 271 706

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Kura Buffalo Wings – chicken wings in Muranów

Marta Glinka 17 November 2017

Kura Buffalo Wings is a new place opened recently in Muranów, Nowolipki Street, between Pizzeria na Nowolipkach and vegan Falafel Bejrut. It is located in the premises that have housed for a few months Japanese streetfood  YakoTako. The bar specializes in Buffalo wings, but offers also chicken strips in crispy breadcrumbs and homemade frenchfries made from fresh potatoes.  Chicken specialities can be accompanied by a sauce of your choice such as mango habanero, teriyaki, chipotle lime, bbq, honey mustard and many more. Wings and strips can be ordered in smaller or bigger sets or buckets with fries and sauces.

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