Lokalne FarmaZony

ul. Francuska 50Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 533 223 273

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Lokalne FarmaZony – nowy lokal Tomasza Jakubiaka

Joanna Mróz 28 November 2017

Local FarmaZony – a foodtruck used to be called like this, and a few days ago Local FarmaZony bar was opened at Francuska St. in Saska Kępa. The creator and face of this place is Tomasz Jakubiak, chef known for numerous television programs. The idea behind this is “healthy eating combined with delicious food”. The menu features mainly sandwiches with funny names like Mućka in Korea (beef, kimchi, oyster sauce, onion), Strzał w Pysk (pork cheeks, horseradish, sauerkraut), Chivito (ox, bacon, ham, fried egg).

Picture: Lokalne Farmazony Fanpage

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