Burek i Pita

Al. Jerozolimskie 42City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 503 857 257


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Burek & Pita – Balkan bakery in Aleje Jerozolimskie

Foodie Z 1 December 2017

Burek & Pita, Balkan bakery from Okrzei street in Praga launched new sales point on the left side of the Vistula river in Aleje Jerozolimskiej, not far from Centrum metro station. From September it is possible to buy there traditional Balkan burek pies prepared with stuffings for meat lovers (eg. with minced meat with onions or with cream cheese with bacon), vegetarians (with Balkan cheese or with cheese & spinach) and vegans (eg with mushrooms and leak or with cherry, apple and pumpkin). There have also croissants, pizzas and breads, rolls and bagels made on the basis of Balkan recipes.