Luks Cafe

ul.Bartoszewicza 9City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 794 246 183

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Luks Cafe espresso bar

Foodie R 13 December 2017
Luks Cafe espresso bar is a new cafe opened recently in Bartoszewicza in the former venue of Sklep z Goframi (waffle shop). The name of the cafe refers to the history of the street where in therties  there were exclusive appartment houses called “luks”. You can come here from the morning for a coffee and choose from various types of coffee such as classic espresso, flat white or snikers latte prepared from mixtures of arabica and robusta from Columbia, Ethiopia, Brazil and India. You can also eat here sandwiches (eg salmon and cream cheese or ham and rucola), natural cakes (chocolate with kaymak  and popcorn with sea salt) or vegan cakes (eg oreo millet cake).

Luks Cafephoto source: Press release