Viet Street Food Mordor

ul. Kłobucka 23 CMokotow, Warsaw
Phone: 512 512 249


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Viet Street Food Mordor

Foodie R 21 December 2017

Owners of Viet Street Food Bistro,  a popular Vietnamese restaurant operating for over a year in Saska Kępa opened recently a new bistro in Mokotów. Viet Street Food Mordor located in Kłobucka offers Vietnamese street food dishes such as pho, bahn mi and bun. We can choose from five types of Pho soup: with beef in wine, chicken, boiled beef or tofu. The menu features also bahn mi –  a baguetted filled with pate, tofu or bacon and  bun bo nam bo – nuddles with beef, duck, tofu or chicken.

photo source: Viet Street Food press release