Tygiel Kantyna

ul. Narbutta 83Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 602 507 575

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Tygiel – new city canteen in Old Mokotow

Foodie F 7 January 2018

Tygiel Canteen is a new place at Narbutta St. in Old Mokotów. From the morning they serve breakfasts (scrambled eggs, Canadian pancakes, sandwiches), and later starters and lunches are available. Every day there are several dishes to choose from and two soups. The offer includes, among others pork chops fried on lard, chicken, Beef Bourguignon, or pierogi. The dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes, and the portions are solid. Tygiel Canteen also doesn’t neglect vegetarians. You can also have desserts here – including cheesecake, meringue, brownie, or muffins. The entire culinary group of Tygiel includes beyond Canteen also: Tygiel Catering, Tygiel na Słodko and Tygiel Deli (delicatessen).