Uwolnić Kury

ul. Chmielna 23City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 22 962 41 60


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Uwolnić Kury – vegan burgers in Chmielna

Foodie R 9 January 2018

Uwolnić Kury (free the hens) is a new vegan restaurant opened at the beginning of December in Chmielna Street. We will eat here vegan, gluten-free dishes, without preservatives and sweeteners. The restaurant specializes in vegan burgers prepared on the basis of fresh vegetables, grains and legumes such as millet-almond burger, mushroom and hemp burger, chickpeas with herbs or vegan chicken. The menu also includes hot boxes: Mexican (including beans, rice and vegetables) or chicken and bacon served with rice. We will also drink here smoothies and lemonades, and for dessert we can order vegan sweets.

photo source: Facebook Uwolnić Kury