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Eufemia – new tap bar and restaurant in ASP building

Foodie R 2 February 2018
Eufemia is a new tap bar with craft beers and a restaurant recently opened in the ASP building by the owners of the Italian restaurant Spokojna. Previously, the building housed Klubodajnia Eufemia, which was closed in the middle of last year. The chef of the new place is Michał Blicharski. The restaurant wants to gather carnivores and vegetarians at one table, so the offer includes both meat and vegetarian dishes. The menu includes meat in a homemade bun: pulled pork, beef cheeks and pastrami made on the spot, pork neck with baked potatoes and beetroots, as well as a meat platter. There are also vege dishes such as vegetable curry, potato cake with fried eggs, marinated kohlrabi carpaccio, quinoa salad or pulled jackfruit in a bun. The menu is complemented by a pizza known from the Spokojna restaurant. The space of the restaurant is co-created by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. There will be a space for a gallery, now on the walls you can see murals and works made by students and furniture designed at the Faculty of Design
photo source: Facebook Eufemia