Restauracja Karczoch

ul. Warszawska 3okolice Warszawy, Konstancin - Jeziorna
Phone: 509 895 614


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Restauracja Karczoch – fine dining place in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Joanna Mróz 28 February 2018

The elegant Restaurant Karczoch was established in Konstancin – Jeziorna, near the Stara Papiernia. The place initially used French name Artichaut (and so still inform the signs on restaurant house), but it was quickly renamed with the Polish equivalent Karczoch. The chef here is Krzysztof Nawrocki, medalist at the Polish Culinary Cup 2012, who spent the last few years cooking in Switzerland. The menu of Karczoch Restaurant shows international influences. We will eat here, among others foie gras with sea-buckthorn, elderflower and wild rose; crayfish bisque with sweet potato and saffron; wild sea bass with scallops, cauliflower, fennel and artichoke. The restaurant also has a children’s menu, including tomato cream with croutons or breaded turkey with mashed potato and caramelized carrot. The entire restaurant menu can be found here.


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