Taco Libre

ul. Kłobucka 23CUrsynow., Warszawa
Phone: 515 958 009

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Taco Libre – Mexican cuisine at Kłobucka St.

Foodie F 13 February 2018

The famous food truck with Mexican cuisine, which has been driving all around Poland since 2014, is opening the first stationary bar. Taco Libre opens tomorrow at Kłobucka. The Taco Libre menu is divided into tacos, quesadillas and burgers. These are both original Mexican dishes (Taco al Pastor or Quesadilla), as well as dishes inspired by travels. In addition to the above-mentioned, you will eat here, for example, burgers wrapped in a wheat tortilla called ‘Jesteś Szalona’ (with goat cheese, plum jam, pear and pickled cucumber) or Gangam Style (with kimchi, mango sauce, cheese, honey and chilli nuts, lettuce). All items cost 20-25 PLN. The full menu can be found here.

Picture: Taco Libre