Mr. Falafel Warszawa

ul. Radomska 3Ochota, Warszawa
Phone: 792 592 287

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Mr. Falafel Warszawa – new vegan place in Ochota

Foodie F 14 March 2018

Another vegan place was opened yesterday in Ochota. Mr. Falafel warszawa is a place specializing in falafels. It offers vegan dishes from Middle Eastern cuisine – from falafels, through oriental salads to warming Arab tea with cardamom. The owners declare fresh products and hand-made dishes. Short Mr. Falafel Warszawa menu includes falafel sandwiches (classic, with pomegranate and eggplant, with cheese); sets like Arabic plate, falafel and hummus, and additions like lentil soup, baba ganoush, muhammara.

Pictures: Mr. Falafel Fanpage