Słodkie Babki

ul. Batorego 17around Warsaw, Legionowo
Phone: 693 546 672

cafe, Cake shop

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Słodkie Babki – new cafe in Legionowo

Marta Glinka 29 March 2018

A new cafe – Słodkie Babki opened in February in Legionowo. The cafe is run by two sisters, passionate about baking cakes – Dorota and Jola. We will eat here various cakes baked on the spot such as Viennese cheesecake, meringue cake, shortcrust pastry with peaches, halva cake, carrot cake, as well as ice cream desserts. In the cafe’s menu, we can also find suggestions for lunch or breakfast such as salads, bagels and toasts. Słodkie Babki is a  family friendly place, there is a special kids corner inside.

slodkie babki legionowo

photo source: Słodkie Babki Facebook

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