Coś do bułki

ul. Wilcza 26Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 535 222 417

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Coś do bułki – sandwiches with pulled meat in Wilcza

Foodie R 11 April 2018

Coś do bułki is a new sandwich bar opened recently in Wilcza Street in the premises that previously housed Filip z Konopi – Cannabistro or Fat Cat Chicken Spot. The bar specializes in sandwiches with pulled meat. The menu includes sandwiches with wild boar, pork, duck, beef, turkey with various axtras such as honey fungus, chimichurri sauce, fruit chutney, jalapeno or cheddar cheese. In addition to sandwiches, you can order here salads, such as with serrano ham and raspberries or tempeh. From Monday to Friday, from 12 pm – to 3 pm, the bar serves soups and lunch sets.