Golden Apricot

Foksal 18Śródmieście, Warszawa


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Golden Apricot – Caucasian flavors at Foksal

Foodie F 15 April 2018

A new Caucasian restaurant Golden Apricot was opened yesterday at Foksal 18. It was established in the venue after closed Gastronomia Foksal 18. Golden Apricot offers flavors of the Caucasus – mainly Georgia and Armenia. The menu includes appetizers (including eggplant with nuts and Georgian specialties), soups (including bean soup lobio or chicken soup with Georgian specialties), salads (Georgian salad, Caesar Armenian way), dough dishes (chinkali, chatschapuri), main courses (pieces of chicken in a cream-garlic sauce, ojaxuti – a dish with beef and potatoes), as well as grilled main courses (pork chop with bone, ribs, ham) and desserts. The restaurant is still waiting for the alcohol license.