Na Sushi

ul. Koszykowa 54 (wejście od Poznańskiej)Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 790 434 434

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Na Sushi – in Poznańska street

Foodie Z 12 April 2018

Na Sushi is a restaurant with Japanese cuisine, which opened in March at the corner of Piękna and Poznańska streets, next to the recently launched Mish Mash bar. Previously for more than eight years these premises has been housing Osteria restaurant specializing in fish and seafood. At Na Sushi, according to its name, you will eat various Japanese specialties – the menu includes a variety of sushi maki, sushi nigiri and sashimi. The menu features also starters (eg gyutataki – marinated beef with garlic, ginger and raddish or salmon sous vide with garlic, ginger, myrin and sake), soups (eg champong – spicy mixed seafood soup), and main courses (including Yaki Tori chicken, udon noodles with seafood or duck cooked sous vide flavored with anise, cardamom and cinnamon, fried in tempura). The address of the restaurant is Koszykowa 54, but the entrance is from the Poznańska street.