White One

ul. Koszykowa 47Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 254 85 55


More details:

White One – menu is a white empty card

Foodie F 4 April 2018

White One is a new restaurant, which at the beginning of March was opened at 47 Koszykowa St., at the back of ORZO. A unique feature of White One is the white blank menu, thanks to which the chef offers guests a completely unexpected menu. 8 courses cost here 120-180 PLN depending on what the chef Paweł Chomentowski decides to prepare on a given day. The restaurant also offers a 4-5 course menu for lunch, priced around PLN 50. In addition, there is also a more standard menu, and there you can find among others a red borsch with raspberries ravioli, goat cheese, crème fraiche and hibiscus; thymus with foie gras; or a beef cheek with glazed vegetables, potatoes, truffle and coffee and chocolate sauce.