Włoszczyzna Pizza & Bar

ul. Bracka 18City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 881 690 992

bar., pizzeria

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Włoszczyzna Pizza & Bar in Bracka street

Foodie Z 10 April 2018

Włoszczyzna is an Italian restaurant that opened in February in Bracka Street in the backyard of the Central Department Store, also called Smyk. The menu is typical for an Italian pizzeria and we will find there, among others a dozen pasta dishes (eg. tagliatelle mare a monti – with porcini mushrooms and prawns or tagliatelle dello szef – with honey-chili sauce, peppers, tiger prawns, sprinkled with parsley), mussels, typical Italian starters and almost 20 pizzas (including gluten-free and vegetarian). Earlier these premises has housed Tajska Bazylia and later Labrax, but apparently construction works that has been carried out nearby were favorable to the restaurant business.