ul. Nieporęcka 6Praga Północ, Warszawa


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Gryzonia – new cafe in Praga

Joanna Mróz 15 May 2018

A new cafe called Gryzonia was opened a few days ago at Nieporęcka St. (near Ząbkowska) in Praga Północ. Gryzonia invites you for a coffee from Kofibrand, breakfasts and pastries. The breakfast menu includes: Kaeseschnitte – Swiss toasts with cheese, apple juice or wine and beef ham and egg; French toasts with seasonal fruits; buttery croissants with smoked trout paste. The place also serves soups or small dishes at lunchtime – you can find here among others beetroot cream with ginger and orange juice, cream of roasted cauliflower on coconut milk or rösti – a Swiss potato cake with baked raclette cheese and bacon.

Picture: Gryzonia FB

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