GUNG Koreańska Restauracja & Grill

Al. Rzeczpospolitej 20/U10Wilanów, Warszawa
Phone: 881 785 884


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Gung – new Korean restaurant in Wilanow

Joanna Mróz 22 May 2018

It seems that Korean cuisine is growing more and more dynamically in Warsaw. The group of restaurants serving this type of food was joined in mid-April by GUNG Korean Restaurant & Grill in Wilanów. The menu features appetizers (kimchi pancake, meat or vegetable fried mandu dumplings), soups (kimchi soup, pork soup, spicy soup with noodles and seafood), grilled meats (entrecotes, grilled ribs, grilled pork belly), main courses (bulgogi with squid and bacon, spicy pork with vegetables), seafood with noodles (shellfish with noodles and vegetables, squid with noodles and vegetables), deep fried dishes (fried prawns in tempura, battered chicken with a spicy sauce). GUNG also serves lunch sets. The menu is quite long, you can check it here.

Picture: GUNG www

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