La Catrina

ul. Francuska 31Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 662 464 281

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La Catrina – tastes of Mexico in Saska Kępa

Joanna Mróz 13 May 2018

La Catrina is a new Mexican bar in Saska Kępa. It was opened during the long May weekend at 31 Francuska St., between Lukullus and Kebab Fenicja. La Catrina has the subtitle “Tastes of Mexico” and in fact that’s what you will find here. The menu includes tacos on homemade corn tortillas (pork: al pastor, carnitas, cochinita pibil, poultry: de tinga, a la malinche; beef: arrachera, and even vegetarian taco del jardin). In addition to tacos you can eat here quesadillas – with chicken, mushrooms, pulled pork al pastor or classica with cheese, as well as totopos (nachos) with salsa of varying degrees of sharpness. The entire menu can be seen here. There is no alcohol yet, you can pay by card.

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