Takie Miejsce

ul. Stefana Okrzei 7/21Praga North, Warsaw

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Takie Miejsce – new cafe near Port Praski

Marta Glinka 8 May 2018

Takie Miejsce is a new café opened recently in Praga Północ, in Okrzei Street close to the Praski Port. The menu of the café includes tarts, sandwiches, empanadilla (Spanish dumplings with savory filling), olives and cakes (eg lemon tart, cheesecake or apple pie). The specialty of the restaurant are “takie placki” that look like pizza – with various extras, such as jalapeno and chorizo, goat’s cheese and pear or Parma ham and tomatoes. We can order here coffee, tea or fruit cocktail, there is also wine, prosecco, beer or aperol spritz in the menu.

Photo source: Takie Miejsce Facebook

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