Europejski Grill

Krakowskie Przedmieście 13Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 22 255 95 95


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Europejski Grill – Raffles Europejski Hotel Restaurant

Foodie F 3 June 2018

Europejski Grill is a hotel restaurant opened last Friday at Raffles Europejski Hotel, which after years of renovation and reconstruction invited its first guests a few days ago. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. An executive chef here is Beñat Alonso, a chef who has previously worked in different luxury hotels (including The Berkeley in London, Hotel Windsor in Australia), the head chef is Witek Iwański (previously Aruana at the Narvill Hotel in Serock). The first menu of the restaurant is short and includes 6 courses for the beginning (including smoked sturgeon, żurek with veal tongue or almond cold soup with smoked green tomato), grilled charcoal dishes from land, sea and garden (among others: lamb ribs, Scottish salmon and white asparagus), as well as caviar in 50g portions and desserts (including brown butter ice cream, Caramelia chocolate). The entire menu can be found here.