Mint Grey Flavours

ul. Biały Kamień 1 lok. U2Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 22 252 44 00


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Mint Grey Flavours – interior designer focused restaurant at Biały Kamien

Foodie F 19 June 2018

At the end of May, a new place called Mintgrey Flavors was launched at Biały Kamień. It belongs to the owners of Mintgrey interior decoration stores. The menu of this very design-oriented place is divided into appetizers, soups, salads and main courses. There are many vegetarian dishes, but the place is not limited to meat-free dishes. You will eat here, among others, dried tomato tartare; potato pancakes with oyster mushrooms; chicken soup with homemade pasta; salad with grilled goat cheese, orange and strawberries; cod sirloin on lemon risotto; beef cheeks in blackberry sauce with cauliflower puree.

Picture: Mintgrey Flavours Fanpage