Pizza di Strada

ul.Fredry 9City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 793 426 456

foodtruck., pizzeria

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Pizza di Strada – streetfood pizza at the beach at Ogród Saski

Foodie R 19 June 2018

Pizza di Strada is a new pizza foodtruck opened since May at the artificial beach at Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden), near Fredry Street. Pizza di Strada is located in the area of El Campo – Mojito Embassy and Food Truck Park, where there is also another foodtruck BBQ bar. We can have a pizza here under the open sky, while sitting on a sunbad, drinking lemonade. The menu includes: Capriciosa with San Marzano tomatoes, ham and mushrooms, Diavola pizza with tomatoes, red onion and spianata (spicy Italian salami), Di Strada pizza with white sauce with manchego cheese, panchetta, asparagus and rocket salad or pizza with pulled pork.

Pizza di strada

source: Facebook Pizza di Strada


Tasteaway (May 2018)