Sen Proroka

ul. Niekłańska 33Saska Kępa, Warszawa
Phone: 790 709 911

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Sen Proroka – turbo rolls at Saska Kepa

Joanna Mróz 25 June 2018

In the middle of May Sen Proroka was opened in Saska Kępa, very close to Mięsny. It is a street food bar offering “turbo rolls”, fries, Japanese pancakes and lunches, as well as ice cream and soft drinks. The short menu includes bread rolls and boxes with French fries. The most popular “turbo roll” is a roll with pulled beef, a mix of salads, a fresh cucumber, chanterelles in tempura, mimolette and dill sauce. Rolls also occur in variants with prawns in tempura, calamari in tempura and fried halloumi. Boxes cover 5 pieces of shrimps in tempura, prawns in coconut or vegetarian tempura with fries. You can add jalapeno for free for all dishes.

Zdjęcie: Sen Proroka Fanpage

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