Il Peperoncino

ul. Szaserów 104Praga Południe, Warszawa
Phone: 600 080 806


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Il Peperoncino – Italian restaurant at Szaserów

Foodie F 4 July 2018

New Italian restaurant was established at Szaserów 104 St., in a venue, where Italian restaurants were located for years – first Pizza I Pasta, and then Pizzeria Osteria. The new place is called Il Peperoncino and the subtitle is “a real Italian restaurant”. The place has a lunch and weekend offer as well as a classic menu, it also offers home delivery. The menu includes antipasti (including bruschetta pomodoro), pastas (including spaghetti alla putanesca), risotto (including risotto frutti di mare), meat courses (including grilled chicken breast), seafood courses (including mule ala marinara, or calamari in breadcrumbs), salads (including insalata di spinachi), 15 types of pizza (including funghi with mushrooms, or signature pepperoni pizza), as well as 6 types of panini (including Le Pancette with mozzarella, pancetta and red onion, or Special with mozzarella, rucola, tomatoes and black truffle cream).

Picture: Il Peperoncino Fanpage