ul. Brzeska 29/31 Praga North, Warsaw
Phone: 789 250 342

ice cream parlor

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Pallone – natural ice cream from Toscania

Marta Glinka 4 July 2018

Pallone is a new ice cream parlor opened recently in Brzeska Street, Praga district. Pallone is a natural ice cream based on Italian, traditional recipes from Tuscany. The owners use only natural ingredients – milk, cream and yoghurt come from Polish dairies, nuts and lemons from Sicily, chocolate from Belgium, Colombia and Ecuador. The flavors change regularly, we can eat here, among others mango lassi ice cream, salty caramel, gianduja, passion fruit, vegan chocolate, mojito, coconut, pineapple, prosecco, bacon, tomato and many more. In addition to the ice cream, which can be eaten onsite or taken away at Pallone, we can also order coffee.

Pallone lody

photo source: Facebook Pallone

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