Sielsko Anielsko Cafe

ul. Puławska 95Mokotow, Warsaw
Phone: 602 722 699

More details:

Sielsko Anielsko Cafe a new cafe in Puławska

Foodie R 15 July 2018

Sielsko Anielsko Cafe is a new cafe opened a few days ago in Puławska in the courtyard of the St. Michael Church. The place is run by a couple, the owner bakes cakes, makes healthy bars and truffles. You will eat here among others, meringues, tarts (eg lemon and chocolate with cherries), brownies, cheesecakes, glutenfree and lactosefree cakes, crafted ice cream. You can drink here coffee and tea. Sielsko Anielsko is a child-friendly place, with a play area, changing table and games to play. The cafe encourages its guests to exchange books.

photo source: Sielsko Anielsko Cafe