Stan Surowy Gastropub

ul.Patriotów 160Wawer, Warsaw
Phone: 516 510 097

Pub, restaurant

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Stan Surowy Gastropub

Foodie R 3 July 2018

Stan Surowy Gastropubwas opened last Saturday in Patriotów Street in Wawer. The chefs of the restaurant are Tomasz Harasimowicz and Jakub Suliga, sushi specialists. The menu features a long list of sushi including sushi master dishes, as well as dishes inspired by Asian cuisines. We will eat here, among others gyoza dumplings, ribs in plum-barbecue sauce, shrimp risotto and edamame or duck steak with pear, grilled choi sum and cherry teriyaki sauce. Soup lovers can choose from dan dan ramen with beef, tom yum, wan tan or miso shiru.

source: Stan Surowy Gastropub Facebook