Wozownia Bar

Wozownia Bar

Plac Trzech Krzyży 16City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 570 965 555

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Wozownia Bar – rebirth of old Koszyki

Foodie R 8 August 2018

Wozownia Bar is a new place opened in July by the creators of the “old Koszyki”, a bistro, bar and food market that existed in  Hala Koszyki a few years ago, before the building renovation. Wozownia Bar is located in a forgotten 200-year-old coach house adapted for a bar, in the very center of Warsaw, at Plac Trzech Krzyży (entrance from Nowy Świat). Until the end of the summer, the restaurant is open in pre-opening mode with a short bar and food menu, every day from 16:00 to 2:00 The current menu features grilled dishes: squid with aioli, young Baltic herring with mayonnaise, chicken breast with sesame seeds and spicy sauce, or cauliflower from el hanout, tahini sauce and zhoug. Each dish is served with lettuce with wild herbs and flowers and homemade yeast bread. We can also drink here prosecco, beer or floral and herbal cocktail with gin or non-alcoholic versions. From September, the hours of operation of the bar will be extended, they will start as early as  7:00 serving breakfast, continuing with lunches finishing the day with late night food and drinks.

Wozownia Barphoto source: Wozownia Bar Facebook