Yache Korea

Yache Korea

ul.Nowogrodzka 25City Center, Warsaw
Phone: 22 629 15 49


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Yache Korea – new Korean restaurant in Nowogrodzka

Marta Glinka 21 August 2018

Yache Korea is a new Korean restaurant opened at the end of July in Nowogrodzka Street. Short menu features among others kimchijjgae (kimchi stewed with pork belly), bulgogi (grilled slices of sirloin marinated in pear, soy sauce and sesame oil), kkanpungi (crispy chicken in a sweet ginger-soy sauce) or ddukbeagi bulgogi (slices of marinated short loin boiled with vermicelli noodles). All dishes are served with rice and banchan. The menu also includes Korean beers, canned drinks from Asia, spritzers, wines, and Vietnamese coffee.

Yache Korea

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