Bosko TuThai

ul. Markowska 22Praga Północ, Warszawa
Phone: 727 001 332


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Bosko TuThai – new Thai place

Joanna Mróz 5 September 2018

New place called Bosko TuThai was opened in Praga North four days ago. Although the name suggests a restaurant with Thai cuisine, the menu features a wide range of dishes from various Asian cuisines. The long menu has 11 categories. You will find there appetizers (spring rolls, won tons), steamed dim sum (with spicy lamb, with seafood), salads (Thai papaya salad with shrimps, spicy salad with grilled beef and vegetables), soups (Thai seafood and basil soup, creamed soup with crab meat and asparagus), ramen (spicy ramen with seafood Korean style, katsu kare ramen with a crispy pork loin), Thai curries (with vegetables and beef, sour tamarind curry with shrimps and catfish), fish and seafood (sea ​​bass baked in a banana leaf), poultry and meat dishes (ginger chicken with tree ear mushrooms and srping onions, General Tso’s chicken), rice and pasta (pad thai, nasi goreng), vegetarian dishes (fried vegetables with mushrooms Thai style), desserts (sticky rice with mango, pandan and green tea creme brulee).

Picture: Bosko TuThai Fanpage

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