Jajo w koszuli

ul. Chodkiewicza 5Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 604 960 111


More details:

Jajo w koszuli – mew breakfast place in Mokotów

Foodie F 16 October 2018

A new place called Jajo w Koszuli was created at Chodkiewicza St. in Mokotów. It serves breakfast all day, but the menu also includes other items than breakfast. With reference to the name, you will eat here four versions of poched eggs with a hollandaise sauce – with salmon and avocado; with seasoned ham and avocado; with ham and avocado, as well as with bacon and paprika. If there is not enough avocado, the menu also has eggs in avocado, as well as several breakfasts without avocado – fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, porridge and pancakes. In addition to breakfast, you can eat here, among others salads, risotto, pasta, savory pancakes and tarts, as well as pelmeni.

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