Tagine Street Food Bar

ul. Oboźna 9Śródmieście, Warszawa


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Tagine Street Food Bar – Maroccan flavors at Oboźna

Foodie R 21 November 2018

Tagine Street Food Bar, a new place with Moroccan cuisine, opened on Tuesday at Oboźna Street in the venue of the closed Sueno Tapas Bar. This is the new bar for the owners of popular Korean restaurants Miss Kimchi and KoreaTown. The dishes in Tagine are served in typical Moroccan clay pots called “tagine”. In the short menu you will find beef with apricots, chicken in tomato and pepper sauce, beef and lamb meatballs in tomato sauce or cauliflower in tomato sauce. We will also order here lamb chops and soup with beef, chickpeas, lentils and meatballs. Each dish is served with a set of side dishes such as zaaluk, hummus, chickpea with coriander, beans with cumin, cucumbers with mint, couscous, rice with turmeric and others.

Photo source: restaurant materials