Bałkańskie Bistro

Bałkańskie Bistro

ul. Grochowska 324Praga Południe, Warszawa
Phone: 533 337 240


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Bałkańskie Bistro at Grochowska Street

Marta Glinka 11 December 2018

Bałkańskie Bistro, a new restaurant specialized in Balkan cuisine, opened in October at Grochowska Street in Praga Południe. The chef of the restaurant is Slobodan Dorynger from Serbia. The menu includes, among others, spicy lamb soup with fresh vegetables, Serbian beans, roasted in the oven, cevapcici, cevap, pljeskavica, squid, shrimps in tomato sauce and many more. We can also eat here somuns – Balkan burgers with homemade bread, meat and various sauces.

photo source: Bałkańska Bistro Facebook

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