Le Vele Seafood Pizzeria

ul. Ludna 1Powiśle, Warszawa


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Le Vele Seafood Pizzeria – pizza and seafood at Ludna

Foodie F 29 January 2019

La Vele Seafood Pizzeria is a new place with real Italian cuisine. It was opened recently at Ludna Street. A large sign can be seen from a pretty big distance. The short menu at La Vele Seafood Pizzeria consists of specialties of the place (including octopus slices served with Jerusalem artichokes, or burrata on a salad with rucola, parmesan and cherry tomatoes), desserts (including panna cotta with citrus fruits or tiramisu) and several types of pizzas (including classic margherita, or pizza with shrimps, potatoes and black ink, or pizza with Jerusalem artichoke, anchovies and salami, or pizza with artichokes, boiled ham and mushrooms).