Warzywiarnia Vegan Burger

ul.Wańkowicza 1Ursynów, Warszawa
Phone: 570 057 008

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Warzywiarnia Vegan Burger – new burger place in Ursynów

Marta Glinka 30 January 2019

Warzywiarnia Vegan Burger is a new bar opened in autumn in Ursynów in Wańkowicza street (close to Wąwozowa street). You will compose here your own burger. You can choose bun (grains, wheat-rye and graham), burger (sweet potato, spinach, beetroot, mushroom and mexico), sauce (including mayo, horseradish, bbq, garlic). In each burger you will also have such extras as lettuce, sprouts, tomato, pickles, red onion, or jalapeno peppers (on request). In addition to burgers, the menu also includes soups of the day (eg cauliflower or truffle), as well as cocktails based on coconut milk.


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