Big Adriano Chmielna

ul. Chmielna 6Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 503 503 507


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Big Adriano Chmielna

Foodie F 7 February 2019

Three day ago Big Adriano Chmielna was opened. This is the second place of pizzeria known from Ursus, which specializes in deep dish pizza in several types (Chicago, American PAN). Deep dish pizza is baked in a deep dish, it is high and usually has a large amount of additives and melted cheese inside. Big Adriano Chmielna offer differs slightly from the first premises in Ursus – there is no waiter service, dishes are ordered at the counter. The menu is initially featured only by small deep dish pizzas in different flavors and drinks. The restaurant also does not offer deliveries, but encourages take away orders.

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