ul. Hoża 61Śródmieście, Warszawa
Phone: 691 174 939

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Chulo – new Asian place at Hoże St.

Joanna Mróz 20 February 2019

A new Asian restaurant was opened a few weeks ago at Hoża St., just around the corner from E. Plater St. The place is called Chulo and specializes mainly in Indian, Thai, Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine. The menu is divided into: appetizers (samosa, spring rolls), soups (tom yum soup, chulo special soup), salads (chicken tikka salad, grilled panner salad), Indian curry (korma, tikka masala), vegetarian curry (aloo gobi with potato and cauliflower, chana masala with chickpeas), noodles (wheat nepali chowmein, pad thai), Thai dishes (red curry, green curry), tandoor dishes (salmon tikka, vege shashlik), momo dumplings (mushrooms, chicken), dishes baked with rice (biryani), fish and seafood (fish tikka masala, prawns kadhai), tandoor breads (naan, parantha) and desserts. Chulo also has lunch propositions. In the picture below you’ll see meat version of lunch (with chicken) for PLN 19.00 per set. All dishes from the menu can also be ordered by phone or online.