Five Star Fish&Seafood

Aleja Rzeczypospolitej 10Wilanów, Warszawa
Phone: 515 102 282


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Five Star Fish&Seafood – fish and sea food from Sri Lanka

Joanna Mróz 4 February 2019

A new restaurant with a wide selection of seafood dishes has opened in Miasteczko Wilanów at Al. Rzeczpospolita. It’s called Five Star Fish & Seafood. The place brings fish and seafood directly from Sri Lanka, so it has a wide and rarely seen offer. Five Star Fish & Food as one of the few places in Poland prepares its dishes based on charcoal oven MIBRASA. The menu includes, among others, roasted Indian mackerel, pan of black tiger shrimps, grey grouper Sri Lanka style, sweet lips (Plectorhinchus) from Sri Lanka, or swordfish in pesto. There is also a short list of meat dishes, fish & chips selection and burgers.


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