Kur & Wino Andersa

Kur & Wino

ul. Andersa 21Śródmieście, Warszawa


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Kur & Wino – chicken and wine in Muranów

Marta Glinka 11 February 2019

Kur & Wino is a new place opened  a few days ago in Andersa street in Muranów. The short menu of consists of meat, vegetables, bread and alcohol. Kur & Wino specializes in corn chickens from Podlasie macerated in lemon, salt, oregano, marjoram and garlic. Grilled chickens are served whole, halves and quarters depanding on guests preferences. We will also eat here a Pekinese guinea fowl, vegetables baked whole (eggplant, zucchini, pepper, potato, sweet potato), as well as cauliflower in a panko. The dishes served in Kur & Wino are accompanied by bread from Rano’s bakery and a selection of sauces for meat and vegetable dishes.

Kur & Wino