Molto Bene Pizza

ul. Czerniakowska 58Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 22 891 13 85

pizzeria, restauracja

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Molto Benne – new pizzeria at Czerniakowska street

Marta Glinka 27 March 2019

Molto Benne Pizza is a new pizzeria opened in February at Czerniakowska. The specialty of the place is pizza – prepared in the Neapolitan style. We will eat here, among others, pizza with seafood, capricciosa, pizza with crudo ham, piante spianata or burrata. Apart from pizza will order here cold meats and cheeses platter, flatbreads or focaccia with rucola, mozzarella and tomatoes, as well as salads. Products used in the venue, eg cold meats, cheese or flour, are imported from Italy.

photo source: Molto Benne Pizza Facebook