Chyba Śnisz Pizza

ul. Wałbrzyska 42Mokotów, Warszawa
Phone: 511 706 252


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Chyba Śnisz Pizza – new pizzeria with a garden

Joanna Mróz 30 April 2019

Chyba Śnisz Pizza is a new pizzeria opened recently at Wałbrzyska St., near LAND Shopping Center. The creators of the place are the owners of vegan and vegetarian Servus Warszawa at Chełmska St. The restaurant has a large garden and some places inside. You will eat here primarily pizza prepared from Italian flour, on sourdough, the dough is 24 hours old. The menu includes pizzas named Naughty Thoughts, Dream in Israel, Meeting with Ex and Dreams Come True. In addition to the pizza, Chyba  Śnisz Pizza offers also burgers (with beef or oyster mushrooms) and grilled roastbeef steak from lava stones. The entire menu can be found here.

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