Lody Kuncer

Kuncer lody autorskie

ul. Mickiewicza 27Żoliborz, Warszawa

kawiarnia, lodziarnia

More details:

Kuncer – a new ice cream shop and cafe in Żoliborz

Foodie R 3 April 2019

Kuncer  is a new cafe – ice cream parlor opened in March at Mickiewicza street in Żoliborz. We can eat crafted ice cream here, as well as ice cream desserts (including fruity, coffee, mango, chocolate, toffee). We can choose among others ice cream with golden chocolate flavor with salty caramel, kinder bueno, aperol spritz, prosecco peach, berry cheesecake with crumble or mango vanilla. In addition to ice cream, the menu includes sweet pancakes (including nutella and banana, mascarpone and oreo, cottage cheese and vanilla), Belgian waffles with various toppings, as well as milk and fruit cocktails.

Lody Kuncer